Blocked Drain And Its Harmful Effects






The plumbing system within your home is not only responsible for providing water and draining away waste. However, it is also crucial in protecting household health. Occupied or damaged drainage lines can lead to sewage overflow to cause potentially deadly health issues. There are many harmful substances and bacteria found in the waste that can cause serious health problems for you and your loved ones. Obstructed lines of sewage should be treated immediately in order not to have plumbing emergencies such as a blockage.

Blocked drains plumber says it is essential to perform regular maintenance and inspections to prevent any problems with your home’s water system. Obstructions and waste overflow often occur in areas not visible from the outside. You may not be able to see the obstruction and can’t fix it until it is too late. You’ll likely notice a blockage in your sewer when it becomes a problem.

Problems with plumbing like a blocked drain or a leaky pipe can cause irreparable property damage, and worse, can spread fatal diseases. Drainage lines are usually four inches long and are designed to carry human waste, water, tissue, and other materials. Other hard objects can get stuck in drain lines, causing obstructions.

To avoid blocked drains and any health problems associated with them, it is essential to be mindful of what you put into your drain pipes, sinks and tubs. A drainage system’s biggest enemies can be hair, plastic bags or other hard objects, such as clothing, hair, kitchen waste, and clothes. Make sure to take precautions and make sure that you do not allow other substances (other than water) or human waste to go down the drain.

Sediment & Dirt And Mineralisation

Blockages in shower and washing machine drains could be caused by dirt and grime. While very small amounts can block most drains, it’s important to make sure that you remove all dirt and other debris from your clothes before they go into the washing machine. This applies also to showers.

It’s only a matter of time before dirt and other debris cling to each other, like soap scum. Although drain guards are designed to catch any dirt or sediment that is deposited on top of a drain and can be useful in catching clumps while you’re showering, there is no safety net for washing machine drains. You should always clean the clothes from dirt and sediment before they are put in the washer.

Most people don’t think about mineral deposits as a cause for drain blockages. These deposits, together with calcification and other factors, can increase exponentially over time, particularly if you live in an area with hard water. You can prevent a mineral deposit blockage by using a descaling product to periodically soften and loosen the deposits for drainage.

When Is It A Good Idea To Call A Plumber About A Blockage In My Drain?

Drain blockages can sometimes be simple to fix. Drain blockages often develop deep within the piping. Without proper disassembly, it is impossible to reach the drainage system. If you are unable to fix a blockage on your own, a professional Drainage Company can offer a consultation and an assessment.

A Blockage Ruin Drainage System

If the drain is not cleaned up immediately, it could cause overflowing activity that can lead to a ruptured pipe. This is not what you want. It is common for stubborn blockages to be ignored while the homeowner continues to use his drain, even when there is an active obstruction.

This will cause intense pressure to build up against the piping. When you notice a blockage in your drains, it is important to evaluate the situation according to what you want. We are skilled in repairing any type of drain blockage.

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